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Greetings Hero! 

We have a fun announcement for you today.. We are releasing a new color for The Legend of Istoria storyline of The Hero’s Journal. I know I really jumped right into it there, but that is what this blog is all about. Nick and I wanted to give you a little closer look behind the scenes of our new product releases. We are thinking it will be akin to the Road to Kickstarter series we did last year with the planner, but more of just updates on the going abouts of The Hero’s Journal. 

So why a color release? 

Well, they are a fun way for us to have a big event and celebrate all of the stories we have told (and will tell) with a new and exciting color. 

For those of you who are collectors, this should be extra special news because we have no intention of restocking this color after they are all sold out. So not only is this a color release.. It is a LIMITED color release, making it extra special and extra fun! 

This is actually a big step for us. Since the very beginning we have had an internal debate around the excitement of novelty and the value of always being available. The (attempt) stay in stock argument has always won because The Hero’s Journal is a tool first and a beautiful book second. 

We believe that The Hero’s Journal has the power to help people embrace their inner hero, and we also believe that is one of the most important steps that a person needs to take. 

Therefore, selling out always has a somber moment because we are not, in that moment, able to serve all the heroes with Calls to Adventure on the other line. 

All this to be said, we are super excited about the limited color release because we do get to celebrate novelty and beauty all while knowing that when they sell out there will be journals on our website ready for people to accept that call to adventure and more importantly embrace their inner hero. 

The Hero’s Journal does not make you a hero.. It only shows you that you have been one all along. That will never change. 

We are super excited about this new color AND limited edition box. We think you will love it. 

Happy Questing, 



  • Caroline

    So interesting to see how many negative comments are on here! Everyone I know in my circles LOVE it when our fandoms offer limited addition items (or in this case, a Seasonal offering). It makes it that much more special for anyone who is a collector. I do not at all agree about the negativity. I think it’s exciting, and mirrors most avenues for specialized merchandise. Maybe this is the Cast Member in me talking, but it’s okay to not have access to everything all of the time? For some of us to gain a win once in a while? And for us to be happy for that individual who get’s to feel an amazing boost for once? And, if we are lucky to grab one, also a way for those of us who have already bought one journal to add to their collection a new one during its season which will make it stand out on the good ol’ library shelf! I am sure that this is just the beginning of additional things to come with this amazing company offering something no one else out there is! Let’s keep supporting!

  • Maurice

    I really do not like the anxiety that a permanently limited edition color brings up; it’s anxiety about missing out mixing with shame that I can’t get it because of money. Definitely does not feel like expanding anything, just the artificially created scarcity that imagination tries to escape. Even if I had the money, I’d pass because I’m looking for novelty that’ll last; a new storyline would be incredible for that!

  • Michelle

    Another vote against a permanently limited color. That seems unnecessary and while I understand the difficulty that comes from stocking, I do hope that at the very least, this color comes back occasionally. Whatever it is.

  • Amy

    I have always loved the hero’s journal since the day I found it by chance, and I always buy a journal when I need one (I have multiples of each story line), so while I’m interested in this color release, I worry I’ll miss out on it, especially if people order more than one in an order. That’s the part that scares me. But! That doesn’t mean I don’t try my hardest to get one! I’m looking forward to seeing this new color, as well as what else you have in store for us!

    I am a customer for life.

    I also agree that it would be awesome if we could get spiral bound journals.

    I also think the planner should get different colors too. 😛

    Thank you for all the hard work you do. Keep up the great work! 💜💜

  • Terry

    So I missed it, what is the new color?

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