Self Care Deck

Cast a self-care spell with these 52 Magical SideQuests for resting and recharging your mana.  


Odds are, you are quick to give energy and time to others but don't give yourself time to recharge. With self care, it's hard to know where to start. We made these cards to give you a kind nudge towards grounding yourself, taking rest and avoiding burnout.

What's Inside

Like the journal it’s based on, the Istoria Magic Academy Side Quest Deck has a focus on creativity and coziness. These quests are designed to help you focus your inner magic on your surroundings and complete quests around the house.

Illustration of a llama in a library with a 'Sidequest' banner and an inspirational quote.
Illustration of two cartoon characters brewing a potion with a quote about magic by Roald Dahl.
Illustration of a castle at night with a quote about relaxation and a reference to muggles.
Cartoon of a duck on a sign reading 'Sidequest' with motivational text and a quote by Peter S. Beagle.
Promotional image for SideQuest cards with text, illustrated card, castle, and quote.

The Goal of SideQuests

The Istoria Magic Academy Side Quest Deck includes a collection of 52 adventures/activities to complete from 4 different categories; Learn, Create, Rest, and Go. Side quests can be completed separately or with a Hero’s Journal, how you quest is up to you!

Simply Draw, Quest, Repeat.