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Become the Hero of your Story

The Hero’s Journal is a 91-day planner/journal hybrid that helps you turn ordinary goals into epic quests.

Cast a Spell

To level up your life with a magical journal that transforms you into the hero of your own daily adventures.

Prepare for Launch

Use the power of storytelling to accomplish your goals and explore the stars.

What Story Will You Tell?

The Hero’s Journal is perfect for anyone who’s struggled with traditional journaling methods, the exhaustion of toxic productivity, or the overwhelm of designing a journal from a blank page.

We used the power of storytelling to make journaling fun (because if opening your journal feels like a chore, you’re likely to quit before you even start).

The Most Fun You Will Have Journaling, But Don't Take it From Us.

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Call To Adventure

The Hero’s Journal is designed to add excitement to the mundane (so that you’ll get more from your life than “just getting through it”). And because we know that some journaling approaches are rigid, judgmental, and overwhelming, we decided to focus on whimsy, storytelling, and positivity.

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Act Breaks

Self-doubt is often the slayer of our biggest dreams and most optimistic outcomes. The Hero’s Journal takes you out of your head (and your limiting self beliefs) and encourages you to pursue joy, hope, and self-compassion as you achieve your goals.

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Chapter Complete

Every big journey is better with a faithful friend (or wise wizard) by your side. The Hero’s Journal is the gentle guide you didn’t know you needed to finally accept the role of Hero in your own life.

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Why Storylines?

The Hero’s Journal is our love letter to fandoms—whatever your fandom may be! It’s designed to get you out of your head (and the mundanity of daily life) and into an exciting adventure where anything is possible and your goals are all within reach.

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