The Hero's Journal

Fit for all heroes on any journey.

One day Nick was filling out his journal and he realized that he was getting his tasks for the day done, but there was no excitement around his goals. He thought to himself, “these are my goals, I am excited about accomplishing them, why it so hard to stay focused on what matters the most to me?”

The answer was simple, he was bored. Every day he accomplished tasks that were supposed to make him feel productive, but he was longed for something exciting, something that brought meaning to his accomplishments.

He realized that he needed a quest to set out on, not a list of tasks to accomplish.

So the thought was born: “What if I viewed my goal as a quest to embark on, and not a list of to-dos to get done?”

And thus, The Hero’s Journal was born.

Contemporary productivity tools and timeless story structure meet in a beautiful 90-day journal.