Founders Blog #3

Founders Blog #3

We are back to debrief the recent launch of our first-ever “Seasonal Release”!

The first of our Seasonal Releases was “The Snowfall Pass Edition”, which was a baby blue, linen-covered version of our “Legends of Istoria” journal. We are grateful by the overwhelmingly positive response that you heroes have given this launch. We are so excited for you all to get these journals in your hands, we just know you’re going to be so happy with them!

The journals are currently in pre-order. If you haven’t had a chance to reserve your copy yet, you can do so here.

The journal is currently in pre-order, which you can reserve here. The production of the journals finished last week and are currently on a boat making their voyage to our warehouse! We expect that they’ll be shipping out in about a month. Between us heroes, this is one of my favorite journals that we have ever made! We sure hope you agree.

With any new launch comes new lessons to learn, here’s some we picked up along the way:

#1. Seasonal Release > Limited Edition

Basically, limited releases create stress and we're all full of that. Seasonal releases imply an abundance of fun products that isn't limited. 

#2. We are moving to a rotating colors model

The Hero's Journal is both a tool that people rely on, so it needs to be in stock in some form or another. However, we can still release fun editions and variants for heroes who are looking to spice up their quests with different colors, materials, or storylines. The solution we have landed on is to always have stock of one linen and one collectors edition on the site, and have seasonal releases in addition to that.

We are also pivoting our social media presence to start highlighting the BTS of The Hero’s Journal. We documented some of the process and highlights of our first-ever Seasonal Release, which you can find on our TikTok or Instagram. We’ve included a few of our favorite TikToks here, for your viewing pleasure (Kyle’s live reaction is so wholesome).

We are in the planning stages the rest of 2024’s Seasonal Releases, which color would you like to see?!



A little co-founder moment 🥰





@theherosjournal Snowfall Pass is avalible for pre-order. 🫶 #theherosjournal #herosjournal ♬ Caramel Latte - Prod. By Rose



@theherosjournal No one asked for this, but we made it anyway! This is the Snowfall Pass edition of the Hero’s Journal ❄️ #theherosjournal #herosjournal #smallbusiness #update #legendofistoria #seasonalrelease #preorder #journal #penguinsledding ♬ Map 7 - Ponder &


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