The Founders Blog #2

The Founders Blog #2

Greetings Heroes!

We so appreciate you taking the time to meet with us here at The Founder’s Blog!

If you missed the first founder's blog, we discussed “The Snowfall Pass” Edition of Legend of Istoria. Snowfall Pass will be a limited color release of our most beloved LOI journal.

We received so much exciting, insightful feedback around the release- we wanted to take some time to address the feedback, explain the ‘why’ behind The Snowfall Pass Edition, and give some insight for future plans.

Firstly, we are so thankful for the feedback that you heroes left across our platforms! We have no intention of creating a system that leaves heroes without the journals they want. After discussing feedback internally, we are shifting to “Seasonal Releases” rather than “Limited Edition” releases.

It may seem like pure semantics at first, but your feedback made us realize the term “limited edition” has been overused by marketers to create unnecessary anxiety.

Setting out on a quest to improve your life is already hard enough, adding friction to your quests just didn’t sit right with us. So how are “Seasonal Releases” any better?

Limited edition implies now or never, seasonal implies there will be rotating options in the future. So if you aren’t able to pick up Snowfall Pass, rest assured we will be releasing something new for you in the coming months. 

For a small business like ours, keeping healthy inventory levels is key. There are thousands of heroes who use the journal everyday, all starting and finishing their quests. We need healthy inventory of The Hero’s Journal to ensure we can continue to help heroes get started on their next quest, but are always looking for ways to spice things up!

After a warehouse audit, we found there are 100+ items we keep on-hand, with our main inventory overage being the color varieties between the three journal story lines. We love each and everyone one of our colors, but trying to hold enough long-term inventory makes it hard for us to be able to release additional new colors.

So what does that mean for the future? 

It means we will be shifting to more seasonal releases and fewer evergreen colors on the website. 

We’ve also gotten a lot of feedback asking for a new story line. . . to which we say perhaps, just not right now.  

Mark your calendars for our first seasonal release! The Snowfall Pass Edition of LOI opens up for presale on May 7th! Here is a sneak peek:


We hope you love it! 

Happy Questing, 


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  • Elizabeth

    I like the switch to a seasonal release instead of limited edition, and I appreciate your transparency about the reasoning around your storage space.

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