Letters from The Mentor

Letter 001: An Ordinary Courage

Greetings, Hero.

What strange times we find ourselves in! I’m writing to warn you of a great disease—a virus I haven’t seen in years, spreading faster than it ever has before. It’s moving person to person, interaction to interaction. And while it’s harmless to most, it can be quite fatal to some. I’m speaking, of course, of the age old evil: fear, uncertainty, and doubt. 

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Letter 040: I can believe anything
Greetings, hero! Now I know many of you don’t love being addressed as 'hero'. And the critical reader might ask, if these letters are addressed to multiple people, can you really mean hero? Can you really believe that everyone is...
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Letter 039: Become the Mentor
Greetings, hero! I love heroes—all of them, and everything about them. I love their journeys, their stories, and the trials they face, big and small. Most of all, I love watching them accomplish their quest—and the part that comes after:...
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Letter 037: Magus Fit, Non Nascitur
Greetings, hero! Now right off the bat, I have to apologize for the latin. I’ve never really been fond of people who intentionally quote things in other languages as a way to sound smarter—you know, the type who prattle on...
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