Letters from The Mentor

Letter 039: Become the Mentor
Greetings, hero! I love heroes—all of them, and everything about them. I love their journeys, their stories, and the trials they face, big and small. Most of all, I love watching them accomplish their quest—and the part that comes after:...
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Letter 037: Magus Fit, Non Nascitur
Greetings, hero! Now right off the bat, I have to apologize for the latin. I’ve never really been fond of people who intentionally quote things in other languages as a way to sound smarter—you know, the type who prattle on...
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Letter 036: Magic is Real
Greetings, hero! As the Mentor, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the position of breaking the news to people. See, being a Mentor isn’t all fun and games—every now and then, I’ve got to strap my...
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