Road to Kickstarter: Update #4

Road to Kickstarter: Update #4

Road to Kickstarter #04: What is Gertrude?

Greetings Heroes,

Welcome back to another installment of the Road to Kickstarter Newsletter series! This week, Ryan dives into exciting new lore around the high-tech H.O.P.P.E.R. device, while giving us more insight into it’s relationship with the Gertrude story’s various dimensions (AKA “otherworlds”). On the product side, Nick & Kyle explain some of the major functional differences between Gertude and The Hero’s Journal, while John tries his best to keep this weekly blog on schedule!

Ryan, Art

In the planner, Yew travels through dimensions (or “otherworlds”) using a state-of-the-art wrist-mounted device invented by Professor Mentor called the H.O.P.P.E.R. (Holographic Otherworld Portal Projector for Exploration & Research, naturally.) All Yew has to do is punch in coordinates using a set of unusual glyphs, hit the button, and a portal opens up to a parallel world!

However, on the maiden voyage of the device, the forces of Chaos send Shadows to sabotage Yew. They steal the glyphs for Yew’s home dimension and hide them in difficult places across the multiverse. Luckily, one little Shadow, the Shadow Buddy, takes pity on Yew and gets them to safety just in time. From there, Yew and the Shadow Buddy are forced to explore new worlds, facing their dangers and challenges to recover the glyphs hidden by Shadows so that Yew can finally go home.

The glyphs are hidden in objects in these otherworlds. Every time Yew and Shadow Buddy recover a glyph, that object gets sent back to Professor Mentor’s lab with the H.O.P.P.E.R. device. Now, before you start asking “why doesn’t Yew just send themselves back to the lab that way?” It’s because the damaged H.O.P.P.E.R. portals are unstable and dangerous. Also, it would be a very short adventure.

 Kyle & Nick, Operations / Product 

“What is the difference between The Hero’s Journal & The Planner?”

A lot of people have asked, since we started this series, how this product is different from The Hero’s Journal. So this week, we want to dive in on why we are making a planner vs a new iteration of the journal, and what things it can offer that a journal can’t. (we made a comparison chart below.)

First off, The Hero’s Journal is designed to help motivate you to accomplish your goals by posturing those goals as your own personal quest. The planner is meant to help you corral the chaos of day to day events. We added planning elements to The Hero’s Journal initially because we know that planning is a large part of accomplishing goals, but planning your life not only requires an understanding of what the day holds, but it also takes knowing what your weeks, months, and year looks like. In short, The Hero’s Journal is for making your goal feel more heroic and the planner is for taming the chaos of the day to day.

These questions help us a ton. Thank you to Mary for your comment on the Road to Kickstarter blog from last week. In the coming weeks, we will continue to tackle the questions you all have for us as we get closer to the campaign.

John, Community

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who voted in our feedback poll last week! Your opinions and suggestions are greatly valued, and the team has been hard at work this week carefully collating the 100+ responses to ensure that we can hone in on the optimal balance for hero preferences. Keep your eyes peeled for more feedback opportunities around things like product add-ons, stretch goals, and more coming soon as we get closer to the Kickstarter launch date.

In the meantime, our digital early access community The Hero’s Guild continues to grow, officially breaking over 200 subscribed heroes this week. We celebrated by releasing our 2nd official “Hero’s Guild Exclusive” planner setting: Super Game Quest (a video game themed otherworld). As a member of The Guild, not only do you get digital early access to all the Gertrude planner spreads, but you’re also going to get access to 4 settings throughout the year that will remain exclusive to Hero’s Guild subscribers.

Not able to subscribe to The Guild right now? Worry not. Starting in a couple weeks we’ll be dedicating this blog space to unveiling a little bit more about each of Gertrude’s 12 otherworlds week-to-week, as well as providing 1 free sample page for each of the settings to test out. Until we have more info to share on that, stay tuned, and stay magical! 🪄✨


  • Shelly Wise

    My daughter purchased a journal for me and a journal for herself. But I got a regular journal and not the digital version. I love video games. The game quest sounds like so much fun. Thank you for making one 💖🥰

  • Kelsey

    Are these daily spreads or weekly? Will there be the option for both?

  • Kelsey

    Are we going to get to see previews of what pages will be like? I love the idea of a planner but I don’t have extra money to throw at it without knowing before hand if the planner style will work for me.

  • Kathryn

    Im a new adverturer!! Not sure if I missed it but when is the launch date for kickstarter? I have used the first few chapters I revieved via email and I think I planner would suite me better with how I organize my quest on a weekly basis.

  • Sherissa

    Wish this were SMALLER than the journal. So it could be easily carried in my purse throughout the day.

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