Road to Kickstarter #18: Note from Kyle

Greetings Hero! 

We are so excited about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign on June 27, 2023. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! The support that we have received from all of you in the form of RSVPs on the Pre-Launch plays has been borderline overwhelming. 

This week’s blog will be a bit on the shorter side, but that doesn’t not mean it isn’t important. 

Kickstarting a new product line for a small business like ours is a massive undertaking, and one that requires the greasing of many moving gears and parts. The number one thing that can make sure that it goes smoothly is to have a really good first day. So as a big thank you for coming out and supporting the Kickstarter, we are going to offer a limited number of early bird planners that will be the cheapest we will ever sell the planner. 

Additionally, we are going to be announcing our stretch goals for the campaign in the coming weeks, and if we have a great first day it will get us closer to our first (of many) stretch goals that will allow us to make even cooler items for you all. 

We are immensely grateful for all the heroes that support us and help us in our mission to treat people like the hero that they are. Your support with your time, attention, and finances helps us make products that are inspired by the power of storytelling with a backbone of kindness. 

This Kickstarter is going to be great, and it’s all thanks to you all!


  • Dee


  • Breanna

    I am so excited for you guys! You have been such a blessing to me with the magic academy journal. I hope I can help with this new line!

  • Erik

    I’m grateful for you as well. The journals you’ve made- from the digital pandemic one until now, have been immensely helpful.
    Thank you so much and I can’t wait for this kickstarter to, well, start!

  • Katherine Magdalene Rose

    OMG – I can’t wait!!!

  • Ashley

    I can’t wait! I use a planned on the daily, and now I’ll have one from my favorite journal company!

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