Road to Kickstarter #11: The Story

Road to Kickstarter #11: The Story

Road to Kickstarter #11: The Story

Greetings Heroes,

Welcome to Road to Kickstarter #11! This week, Nick shares more detail about the main story in The Hero's Planner, while Kyle reflects on the real life story of our history with Kickstarter. What story will we tell with this next Kickstarter campaign?

Nick, Product

Let’s talk story. This week was all about dialing in the actual story of The Hero’s Planner. After a few iterations and many conversations here is the story synopsis:

“Yew is the newest lab assistant for Professor Mentor and her breakthrough research on the multiverse. One day, Yew volunteers to be the test subject for a dimension hopping experiment. However, the shadow realm sabotages the experiment by splitting the foundations of the multiverse and hiding it in 12 alternate yewuniverses. Aided by the help of a rebellious shadowling, Yew must use the HOPPER device to travel the multiverse to locate and collect the shadow fragments before time runs out and the multiverse collapses into chaos. For the multiverse to return to its natural order, Yew must become a master of managing their time and taming the chaos around them.”

As with all of our storylines, we always look for the theme in the story that ties it to the hero using the actual product. Meaning, the plot of the story had to be nested in the function of a planner. Motifs like time management, racing against the clock, completing tasks for others and managing all the different realities at once fit really well into a universe hopping adventure.

Now, before we get too ahead of ourselves, we always kept in mind that this is a planner. It must be approachable and immediately understandable, or it won’t actually help heros on their quest. But I am hopeful we have found the right balance. Of course, we will continue to perfect it as time goes on, but I cannot wait to show you what we have in store.

Kyle, Operations

So this week I spent some time looking at some of the data surrounding successful Kickstarters and what they have in common. There were a couple interesting data points I thought I would share.

So the craziest one, in my humble opinion, is that the launch day (of the week) that has the most successful Kickstarters is Tuesday, which is good to know considering our past 2 Kickstarters were also launched on a Tuesday (feels good to be in good company).

The next stat comes with a resounding THANK YOU from us to all of you. There are 208,656 successfully backed Kickstarters in the history of the platform. Of those only around 70,000 of them raised more than $10,000 and only around 8,800 of them raised more than $100,000. Our last Kickstarter raised $303,000 which puts it in the top 4% of all Kickstarters and that is all thanks to you heroes so thank you for the support you have given us, and we hope to make this one even better.

Thanks for reading this week's update! We're excited to be working on The Hero's Planner and are looking forward to finding another talented graphic designer to join us on this journey. If you know anyone who might be a good fit, please don't hesitate to reach out. As always, we appreciate your support and can't wait to bring this amazing product to life.


Look out for next weeks RTK update, because we are revealing the first ever sneak peak of our first prototype!


We are still interviewing heroes for the role of graphic designer! We are looking for someone who has experience laying out stationery and an eye for making each page uniform, striking, and functional. Does this sound like you or someone you know? Please send me an email!

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  • Janice

    Love the journal have 2 at the moment both are very artistic and fur to color in yes I will be buying more

  • Devorah

    Yes, “motifs like time management, racing against the clock, completing tasks for others and managing all the different realities at once” are all planner elements. I’m also looking forward to the inclusion of signature HJ features like time out for gratitude, noting success, and self-congratulation. Planners are a lot about what needs to be done but not much about “Gee, got ’er done! Go Yew!”

  • Steph VT

    considering i have all your other journals i don’t see why i shouldn’t back this one lol! cant wait!

  • Erik Ammon

    I can’t wait to see the prototype! I got my first ever yearly planner in January to start I’m February and I’m loving it. Yours will be the next I buy based on what I’ve seen so far. I’ve been using your journals (inconsistently-my own fault )since you started!

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