Road to Kickstarter #10: Tag Team Edition

Road to Kickstarter #10: Tag Team Edition

Road to Kickstarter #10: Tag Team Edition

Greetings Heroes,

We’re going tornado tag-team style this week with Ryan & Nick teaming up for the weekly product update, while John & Kyle keep us in the loop on all things operations. Read along for more about how we’ve been scrying the crystal ball for some new graphic design allies (do you know anyone?), and scribing the tomes (FAQ articles) for the upcoming Kickstarter.

Ryan & Nick, Product

With our previous products, I’ve been solely in charge of illustration and layout. While working on the Hero’s Journal, I was able to balance the design and art elements since they take up equal parts of the daily page. But the Hero’s Planner is a whole new challenge! Sure, I’ve studied graphic design. I went to art school and everything. But I will be the first to admit that layouts are not my forte. They take me a long time and I don’t find them as interesting as drawing pretty pictures. Unfortunately, when it comes to planners, I think most planner people (is it OK if I call you planner people?) would agree that layouts are the most important thing to consider. It’s what you use to organize your thoughts and keep the chaos at bay. And I’m just not that great at them!

I could keep kludging together so-so, satisfactory layouts, but the team at the Hero’s Journal is looking to hire someone to help me make the Hero’s Planner the best, most unique planner on the market. That’s right - this is a job posting now! We are currently scouring the internet for potential graphic designers experienced with laying out stationery and an eye for making each page uniform, striking, and functional. Does this sound like you or someone you know? Please drop us a line! I need all the help I can get!

John & Kyle, Operations

With just over two months to go now until the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, Kyle & I are officially hard at work getting ahead of the game for all things "Hero Service". One way we're doing this is by creating an FAQ to answer the many common questions we anticipate receiving at all stages of the funding & fulfillment processes. This preparation is particularly important given our past experience with the Istoria Magic Academy Hero's Journal campaign in 2021, where we unexpectedly saw email ticket volume explode by over 200% in the weeks following the campaign's close. We'll be ready this time if volume explodes again, but we definitely learned some good lessons last time around that we'll be sure to apply going forward.

The first FAQ we're tackling for this week is a simple, but important one:
"What is a Kickstarter?" is a platform where creators (like us) can launch crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for their projects during the production process. Through Kickstarter, creators can reach a larger audience and receive support from people who are interested in bringing their project to life. It's how we brought the very first Hero's Journal to life in 2019, and how we were able to produce the Istoria Magic Academy storyline in 2021. Soon, we'll be publishing a new campaign on Kickstarter for The Hero's Planner with a particular funding goal, and related perks. From there, you (the hero's) can then pledge money on that campaign to secure your Hero's Planner and desired perks ahead of their planned release date in late 2023.

Thanks for reading this week's update! We're excited to be working on The Hero's Planner and are looking forward to finding another talented graphic designer to join us on this journey. If you know anyone who might be a good fit, please don't hesitate to reach out. As always, we appreciate your support and can't wait to bring this amazing product to life!

For this week’s teaser: Did we mention we’re working on an animated marketing video to help promote the Kickstarter? More on that later! Until then, say hi to one of the video’s several new characters: “Existential Elliot”:

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  • Rachael

    I love layout design! I design annual reports and training manuals for the UN and would love to lend a hand to you for such an awesome creation. You can find me at

  • 'rene

    I just received my 3 journals and 3 side quest desks and I am hooked, and was actually wondering what I’ll do once I finish these, besides getting different colors. I also have 3 main quests (health, study, travel—basically), though they’re different priorities, so I’m going to end up using the 3 journals concurrently. Was wondering if there was a cohesive way to merge them all together at some point, but I’m okay if not.
    I bought a different planner set previously that is super organized and nice but after a few entries I totally dropped it. I’m an artist myself and COULD do my own illustrated planner/journal but if I were THAT organized and dedicated and self-motivated I probably wouldn’t be writing in this comment box!?

    Looking forward to chipping in on the planner kickstarter.

    P.S. I like the blankness of Yew in the journal, easy to modify. My Yew is a kitty. So I add ears and a tail and thus super extra cute to look at while I wrangle my thoughts for the day XD

  • Becky

    Great update! I was thinking that maybe it would be nice to add to the “what is a Kickstarter” FAQ that you don’t get charged for what you pledge right away. Just a thought. So excited for the new planner!

  • Mackie Graaf

    If you’re on the hunt for a layout designer, I’ll indulge in a little shameless self-promotion and volunteer myself as tribute! I’m a Seattle-based graphic designer experienced in layout design, brand identity, and print production. To date, relevant projects include crafting and custom-printing a short run of a book telling the story behind the origins and design of the Baskerville typeface, as well as building an Instagram video in the style of Ruben Toledo’s famous Nordstrom illustrations to promote the Seattle Wedding Show. My hand-coded portfolio website can be found at

  • Victoria Graves

    Hey guys…I have a friend who might be good to do the design work for the planner/journal. Her name is Christina Lofstedt. Her email is She has quite a variety of digital skills that she has done for people and has samples she can show you. She gave me permission to give her contact info to you guys.

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