Road to Kickstarter #07: Coloring Pages

Road to Kickstarter #07: Coloring Pages

Road to Kickstarter #07: Coloring Pages

Greetings Heroes,

Welcome back to our 7th installment of the Road to Kickstarter Newsletter series! This week Ryan gives us a behind the scenes feature of his four beloved cats who inspired his work on Kitty City. Meanwhile, Nick & Kyle emphasize the importance of creating a fun and creative experience for heroes via Gertrude. And last but not least, John highlights the supportive nature of The Hero’s Guild, and how members have been sharing their completed coloring posters to encourage and lift each other up day to day.

*Don’t forget to read to the bottom to download a free coloring poster this week*

Ryan, Art

You’re getting another dose of Kitty City this week, this time in coloring page form. I already talked about Kitty City in last week’s newsletter (go read it if you haven’t yet!) so this week I’m just gonna talk about my cats.

We currently have four cats. From left to right: Dewey (15 years old), the smart and sweet elder. Toby (14), the doofy fluff monster with neurological issues. Taborri (4), the giant tabby stray who showed up when we bought our house. Tevvy (10 months), the timid foster cat who we will almost certainly keep.
Since I work from home, the kitties are my buddies most of the time. I would say a good 50% of my camera roll is photos of them doing stupid things. I drew them as Pokemon the other day. I love these cats. They are the true inspiration for Kitty City!

 Kyle & Nick, Operations / Product 

Our goal whenever we make any product is to make sure that it is first and foremost capable of doing the job that we promise it can do, but a close second is fun and inspires creativity. This week as we dive deeper into making the video for our campaign and putting the finishing touches on our prototypes for Gertrude, we wanted to make sure that we take a moment for the fun that Gertrude will be. That’s why we are sharing the coloring pages this week. Hope you enjoy it!

John, Community

A couple weeks ago, I unfortunately came down with a gnarly case of Covid-19 and wasn’t able to spend as much time in The Hero’s Guild as I would have liked to during my recovery. After confiding with my Guildmates in the Guild Hall, I was almost overwhelmed with the kindness and support everyone showed me. All of the advice and encouragement truly helped get me back on my feet, and further solidified my opinion that Hero’s Journal communities are some of the most compassionate and helpful groups of people on this planet.

In addition to supporting one another on our quests, sharing colored pages of the planner and the coloring posters we release monthly has become another favorite pastime for many heroes. Waking up to see a new coloring page shared in the Guild Hall is personally one of my favorite ways to start my day. Check out some Kitty City examples from The Hero’s Guild below, and then consider sharing one of your own either in The Guild, or The Hero’s Quarters!

⚔️ Download Yours Here! ⚔️



  • Laura_H

    I’m looking forward to a new planner in 2024. Or maybe get it a bit early and bat is around a bit first.

  • shawnte

    I love all things cats!!! Thank you for the coloring pages!!! 😻😻😻

  • Erik

    OMG! MORE KITTY CITY! I love it!

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