Road to Kickstarter #06: Kitty City

Road to Kickstarter #06: Kitty City

Road to Kickstarter #06: Kitty City 

Greetings Heroes,

Welcome back to another installment of The Road to Kickstarter! This week we are spilling some more beans not just with another Otherworld, but showing off one of the iterations of the monthly planner spreads. We also get a special guest appearance from Renae, our incredible Content Conjurer, and get to hear from Nick about one of his favorite scenes from Harry Potter. How could it get any better? 

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Ryan, Art

Another week, another world! This one is a personal favorite of mine. Yew and Shadow Buddy step out of a portal and into a familiar city…only to realize it’s populated entirely by cats! You gotta be kitten me! Feline out of place, Yew and Shadow disguise themselves as cats to find the glyph hidden somewhere in the bustling meowtropolis. Luckily they’re in town for the Meowmorial Day Purrade, led by the Cat King himself. Hopefully they have time to swing by the famous Catue of Littery before they have to jump through the next pawtol…

As a cat person, Kitty City was super fun to draw. It was a setting I sprung on the team without any input and thankfully they liked it! It’s been a lot of fun to be able to get zany with our Gertrude scenarios. The multiverse is full of endless pawsibilities!

 Nick, Product 

There is one scene from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince where Dumbledore and Harry tidy up a dilapidated living room using a bit of magic. As the room literally cleans itself up, it goes from an absolute mess, to an organized and pleasant atmosphere. The icing on the cake is Dumbledore joyfully saying “that was fun!” upon finishing the clean up.

While designing the first version of The Hero’s Journal we drew heavy inspiration from this moment. The goal was to capture the feeling of wonder from Harry. Even after all the crazy wizardry he’s experienced up to this point, he’s still amazed by this simple magic. No matter how many times you open a Hero’s Journal, draw a SideQuest Card or write in this planner the hope is that you get a hint of this feeling.

The truth is, if a planner isn’t something you look forward to using, you won’t use it. There are other options to use. But, if you’re like us, you need that little spark of magic to inspire your day. Besides…who doesn’t want to feel like a friendly wizard has come along to kindly help bring order to your life?

As we produce new products we not only want to create products that are beautiful, but also spark joy as we organize our lives.

 Kyle, Operations

One of the blessings / curses of having already done 2 Kickstarters is you have a general idea of what to expect across all of the different areas of the business. This week, I have specifically been reminiscing about fulfilling our first Kickstarter; whether it be receiving the initial shipment when I was at home sick from work or having an allergic reaction to our packing materials, it is easy to say that fulfillment comes with its obstacles. Kickstarter poses a genuine challenge for everyone who dares to give it a shot because you don’t know if it will get backed and if it does you have to immediately shift gears into offering a world class experience for the people who supported your crazy dream. 

We are here today because of the 271 Heroes that supported our Kickstarter in 2019, and continue to grow because of the thousands of Heroes who have accepted their Call to Adventure since. We are so excited to go back onto the Kickstarter and create this product alongside all of you, and are eternally grateful for all of the support thus far in the journey!

Renae, Social

When you don’t have a printed sample of the product you’re making, you have to get a little creative when it comes to making social media content about it! 

Thankfully Goodnotes + print outs have come to my rescue in the meantime. The best thing about this is that I get to experience the creation process of a new product alongside the Hero’s Guild and share it with others on social media (along with some bonus sneak peeks… don’t tell Nick and Kyle 😉). 

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  • Jennifer McCollom

    CATS 🐱

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    Hi, when will this be live on kickstarter? I have a couple of hero journals and love them. Thank you!

  • BelleAim

    Oooo yay!! I love cats! Thanks for this fun update, it’s cool getting to see snippets along the way of this journey to KS. Excited for this project!

  • Siena

    Love it!

  • Shelly Wise

    I love both formats but I have a question? What about putting the monthly cat format pages with the weekly dino for next few pages then repeating. I love seeing the month at a glance but when I have a appointment I need more space to enter the info like where, when, contact, phone number and such. That’s when the dino pages would come in handy. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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