Greetings Hero

We are so glad you found your way to the Hero’s Journal. If you’ve ever wanted to turn your goals into an epic adventure, this is the place for you.

Call to Adventure

Getting Started with the Hero's Journal is fun and exciting. With exercises like Accepting Your Call To Adventure. Starting Yew Right on Track so Yew can conquer your Goals.

Act Breaks

Act Breaks are our way of driving the story's narrative as you progress through the journal. Every Act Break is accompanied by a Board, Full of exciting things to look at and read.

Chapter Complete

Chapter Complete sections are there for Reflection, a place for Yew to mark down how you leveled up over the last weeks. Along with some encouragement to continue on.

Tatooine Sons is hosted by David (the Dad) Samuel and Nathan (The Sons).

Tatooine Sons was launched in December 2017 as "Tatooine Sons: A Star Wars Podcast." Go check out more Podcast at there website.

Legend of Istoria

WildWood Green + Digital PDF

$50.00 + Free Shipping

The Legend of Istoria: For Lord of the Rings diehards & High Fantasy Nerds alike. Explore the land of Istoria. Set out on an adventure, make new allies and square off with a dragon.

Story Themes: Courage, Bravery, Wonder, Redemption, Fellowship.

This journal is best for: Launching a business, moving to a new place, managing ADHD, embarking on a creative quest, making a career move, or making daily journaling way more exciting.



Anthony M.


"I freaking love this journal. I bought one for my friend, too. The concept of 'turning your goal into a quest' is brilliant and completely changed how I view my goals."


Jody V.


"This journal is changing my life. I am currently buying journals for all my staff and family. Don’t even think about it. Just buy it!"


Alex W.


"I love the journal! It's like playing a video game where I get to be Harry Potter. I also love that I can color it in however I's very relaxing."

The Hero's Journal vs. Others

How It Works


Start with the intro chapter to establish your desired goal or outcome


Proceed on your quest while easily building the habit of journaling.


Now, you have a completed story you can proudly display, and reference back to if needed.

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