Greetings Hero!

The Hero’s Journal is perfect for anyone who’s struggled with traditional journaling methods, the exhaustion of toxic productivity, or the overwhelm of designing a journal from a blank page.

Call to Adventure

A journal designed to mystify the mundane because life should be about more than “just getting through it”. We know that some journaling approaches are rigid, judgmental, and overwhelming, so we decided to focus on whimsy, storytelling, and positivity.

Act Breaks

Self-doubt is often the slayer of our biggest dreams and most optimistic outcomes. The Hero’s Journal takes you out of your head (and your limiting self beliefs) and encourages you to pursue joy, hope, and self-compassion as you achieve your goals.

Chapter Complete

Every big journey is better with a faithful friend (or wise wizard) by your side. The Hero’s Journal is the gentle guide you didn’t know you needed to finally accept the role of Hero in your own life.

The Hero's Journal vs. Others

How It Works


Start with the intro chapter to establish your desired goal or outcome


Proceed on your quest while easily building the habit of journaling.


Now, you have a completed story you can proudly display, and reference back to if needed.

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Sold out

Sold out

Legend of Istoria

WildWood Green + Digital PDF

$50.00 + Free Shipping

The Legend of Istoria: For Lord of the Rings diehards & High Fantasy Nerds alike. Explore the land of Istoria. Set out on an adventure, make new allies and square off with a dragon.

Story Themes: Courage, Bravery, Wonder, Redemption, Fellowship.

This journal is best for: Launching a business, moving to a new place, managing ADHD, embarking on a creative quest, making a career move, or making daily journaling way more exciting.



Anthony M.

"I freaking love this journal. I bought one for my friend, too. The concept of 'turning your goal into a quest' is brilliant and completely changed how I view my goals."


Jody V.


"This journal is changing my life. I am currently buying journals for all my staff and family. Don’t even think about it. Just buy it!"


Alex W.


"I love the journal! It's like playing a video game where I get to be Harry Potter. I also love that I can color it in however I's very relaxing."