Adventure Deck

The Legend of Istoria Sidequest Deck is perfect for anyone who wants inspiration to set out on mini adventures


Often times the hardest part of being productive is just knowing what to do. The Adventure SideQuest Deck gives you things to do when you don’t know what to do. With its bend towards adventure, you will find yourself setting out on small adventures rather than doom scrolling on your couch.

What's Inside

The Adventure SideQuest Deck is oriented just like it sounds. For adventure. When you have some free time and you want to break the chains of doom scrolling, pull a card and do an activity that brings life rather than drains it.

Illustration of a scroll labeled 'sidequest' with 'Do a 10 minute stretch' and a quote by L. Frank Baum.
Illustrated poster with the slogan 'Take a walk' and quote from Bilbo Baggins, featuring cartoon animals.
Illustration of penguins with a banner reading 'Send a handwritten letter' and an Aristotle quote.
Cartoon turtle with a walking stick, encouraging learning new words, with a Harry Houdini quote.
Stylized card game advertisement with illustrations, text, and a quote from Gandalf.

The Goal of SideQuests

A lot of times the only thing in the way of us taking our days back is the friction between motivation and starting. The SideQuest Decks harness the motivation you have and directs it towards small tasks that allow you to start the snowball effect of a productive day.

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