"The Hero's Planner" Kickstarter FAQs

1.) What is a Kickstarter?

Kickstarter.com is a platform where creators (like us) can launch crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for their projects during the production process. Through Kickstarter, creators can reach a larger audience and receive support from people who are interested in bringing their project to life. It's how we brought the very first Hero's Journal to life in 2019, and how we were able to produce the Istoria Magic Academy storyline in 2021. Soon, we'll be publishing a new campaign on Kickstarter for The Hero's Planner with a particular funding goal, and related perks. From there, you (the hero's) can then pledge money on that campaign to secure your Hero's Planner and desired perks ahead of their planned release date in late 2023.

2.) When do I get charged after backing the Kickstarter?

Your chosen payment method will be charged immediately after the planner’s funding campaign ends, and only if the project has reached its funding goal.

3.) What if the Kickstarter campaign doesn't reach it's funding goal?

If the planner doesn't reach its funding goal, your chosen payment method will not be charged, and you will not be charged anything.

4.) When will I receive my Hero’s Planner and add-ons/stretch goal goodies?

While we can’t make any promises/guarantees due to unpredictable freight shipping around the holiday season, our goal is to get these planners and all associated add-ons/stretch goal items in your hands before the start of 2024.

5.) Help! I need to update my shipping address.

Keep your eyes peeled for an address verification survey that Kickstarter will be sending to you after the campaign ends. You’ll be able to update your shipping address there. If you miss the email, or are having trouble updating it via the provided form - send us a Hero Service inquiry by emailing Support@TheHerosJournal.co.