The Beginning of an Adventure!

The Beginning of an Adventure!

Today marks an exciting benchmark for us, we sold out of our 2nd shipment of Journals! 

Aside from the obvious monetary benefit of this milestone, what it means to us is that there are about 3000 journals out there in the world helping people tell a better story about themselves. 

In May of 2018, we set out to create a tool that would enable us to live better stories. 

We aspired to make something magical even if no one even wanted to buy it. 

Fast-forward to February 2019, we launched the Kickstarter and we were overwhelmed with support and encouragement. 277 pledges and our product was born. 

After a long few months, the journals arrived at our doorstep, all 1000 of them. The opportunity was exciting, but the daunting task of moving over 600 journals on the open market was terrifying. 

Much to our surprise, a month later we sold out of all of our inventory, after countless trips to the post office, early mornings and late night packing sessions, and endless papercuts, we sold all 1000 journals. 

Filled with moxy, we ordered 2000 more journals, which is mathematically two times as many as our original order, but it feels 30x larger. 

While waiting for the new shipment to arrive, we opened up pre-orders to see if we could get a couple sales before arrival. Again, we were absolutely blown away by the popularity we garnered and sold over 800 journals before they ever reached our doorstep! 

Hoping to make our lives a little easier, and offer a better product for our customer, we linked up with FedEx to try and expedite the thorn in our side, shipping. Shout out to David from FedEx because we were able to work it out to offer 2-day shipping on most of our orders (sorry bulk!). 

December 5th, the second shipment arrives, we had to take time off from work to pack the 800 orders that we received over the two months we had pre-orders open. With help from David, our roommates, and the super friendly and helpful FedEx drivers, we fulfilled all of the orders in 3 days. For perspective, it took us 4 weeks to fulfill the 277 orders from Kickstarter.

The best part about the journey that we are on right now, is that through all of the fears that we have had to face to get to this point now, we have grown and our community of friends, family, and fellow heroes have come around us and supported us. 

Selling out of our second order is not the only big news. As of January 31, 2020, both Nick and Kyle will be working full-time on helping people tell better stories by fostering our community and developing new products that will help spur on sequel after sequel. 

It is just the beginning, but what a beginning it has been. 

To Adventure!

Nick and Kyle