Letters from The Mentor

Letter 056: Time Is On Your Side
Greetings, hero! I once read somewhere that “all regrets in life basically come down to wishing I knew then what I know now.” I can’t speak to that point definitively—I’m no more an expert on regret than any of us...
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Letter 058: Further Up, Further In
Greetings, hero! Where to next? That’s a question that’s haunted me my entire life. It’s followed me through each twist and every turn my adventures have taken. It shows up on the good days, when I’m trying to figure out...
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Letter 057:  All You Know
Greetings, hero! “When old age shall this generation waste”—seven old words from a poem that, despite their age and archaic phrasing, have never been any less true. Life is full of interpretation: it seems like each and every thing that...
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