Letter 036: Magic is Real

Letter 036: Magic is Real

Greetings, hero!

As the Mentor, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the position of breaking the news to people. See, being a Mentor isn’t all fun and games—every now and then, I’ve got to strap my pointiest hat on my head and go spill the beans on the biggest secret the universe has to offer. I’ve seen every reaction you can imagine, from joy to horror to excitement to sheer terror, and everything in between. And today, I get to do it once again—I get to let you in on the secret.

See, the world around you isn’t everything it seems. Not everything plays by the normal set of rules. And there are times and places where the normal laws that govern our reality turn out to be closer to suggestions, guidelines more or less on how things “normally” function, but not how they always have to.

I’ve heard that secret called many things, with many names given to describe its attributes (and those who know about them). But personally, I’ve always been a sucker for the simplest explanation, the one that still fills my heart with courage and awe even to this day: magic. 

Magic is real. And I know it rarely seems like it is—for the world all to often feels like the least magical place of all, the most ordinary of all imaginable places. But can you really prove me wrong? Think: the brief moments when everything comes together, when all the random, ordinary parts of life brush up against something new, when a strange, wonderful, terrifying reality crashes into ours. The moments, ordinary and extraordinary, where the whole adds up to so much more than the sum of its parts, and the only word we feel can even begin to accurately describe the moment is magic.

And what is magic, anyway, except for the ability to, with our words and actions, change our reality? Isn’t that what we really dream of? Not just the wands or potions or scary monsters, but the ability to make things as they currently are not, to use our words and actions to shape everything around us into something new, something different, something better?

Well, today you are in on the secret: that power has been yours all along. Magic is real. And you are now brought into the fold of those who can change reality. It takes time and effort, yes. And instruction and perseverance. But all of that can come later—for now, know this. Magic is real, and you are a magician.

May the road rise up to meet you!

The Mentor