The Letter from the Mentor

The Letter from the Mentor is a weekly letter from your favorite old wizard, the Mentor. Full of advice, stories, and encouragement, the Letter from the Mentor is based on the greatest heroes of our time and the times before. You can get the letter in your inbox every Tuesday morning by subscribing here:

050 | Team Humanity

Greetings, hero! Some virtues are obvious.  It’s hard to imagine a villain who is particularly generous, hard to conceive of some great evil that values

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045 | Human Doing

Greetings, hero! I write to you today of a very strange varietal of creature—not quite a monster, though they can develop into them sometimes, one

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042 | Quality

Greetings, hero! I have a secret to tell—one that I’m afraid could get me in quite a bit of trouble. See, this mentor business, it

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029 | Thank You

Greetings, hero! Today is Tuesday—a Tuesday on a week much like any other, a week in a month of a year that hasn’t exactly played

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027 | The Secret Shame

Greetings, hero! I have to come clean: today’s letter is titled “the secret shame”, yet I don’t actually think there’s anything that secret about it.

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011 – Arete

Greetings, Hero! I must confess to being so far behind the times that I couldn’t tell you if today’s topic is long-lost or largely misunderstood—or

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