Creativity Deck

Make space for those out there ideas with 52 SideQuests that create the perfect atmospheric conditions for creation.


Finding ways to reignite your imagination can be challenging. We designed this deck of cards to give you a gentle nudge towards unlocking your creativity, exploring new ideas, and fueling your inner artist. Each card offers a unique prompt or exercise to help you break through creative blocks. Dive into the unknown, traverse alien landscapes of thought and harness the power of your imagination.

What's Inside

Like the journal it’s based on, the Galaxy of Istoria SideQuest Deck emphasizes creative exploration. These cards are designed to help you make contact with your brilliant inner artist. If you love Sci-fi, you'll love these.

A colorful illustration featuring a space theme with asteroids, a planet and a character in a spaceship, for a mixtape cover.
Colorful image of cartoonish aliens seated around a table with playing cards and a quote about style.
'Illustrated space-themed writing prompt featuring an astronaut riding an alien creature, with a whimsical quote.'
Illustration of cartoon plants with a sign encouraging a break from technology, featuring a Star Wars quote.
Promotional image for 'Sidequest' cards, featuring an astronaut drawing on a planetary landscape with text and quotes.

The Goal of SideQuests

Feeling lost on your journey? Does it feel like you’re in a creative rut? Not sure what you should do on your quest? Introducing 52 side quests for your journey.

The Galaxy of Istoria SideQuest deck is a collection of cards designed to give you helpful things to do, when you may not know what to do.

Simply Draw, Quest, Repeat.