Galaxy of Istoria - SideQuest Deck

Galaxy of Istoria - SideQuest Deck

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If you’ve ever wished that you could explore space, feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut, or if you’re simply bored, there’s a better option than scrolling… a side quest! 

The Galaxy of Istoria Side Quest Deck includes a collection of 52 adventures/activities to complete with a strong Sci-Fi theme throughout the deck. All of the side quests are themed and may include activities like cleaning your vehicle (car, bike, starship, ect.), going into lightspeed (making the lighting in your space warmer/more ambient), or even evading responsibilities to have a self care day.

Like the journal it’s based on, the Galaxy of Istoria Side Quest Deck is all about completing space-themed adventures. These quests are designed to help you transform your surroundings and complete quests around the house. Side quests can be completed separately or with a Hero’s Journal, how you quest is up to you!

Simply Draw, Quest, Repeat.

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